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Michigan Medical Marijuana Program Uses Deceptive, Predatory Practices To Discriminate Against Disabled Patients With Severe Debilitating Medical Conditions

Posted on | June 14, 2013 | No Comments

In a sneak-move the Michigan Medical Marijuana Program initiated a “rule change” that sought to restrict disabled medical marijuana patients from receiving the normal reduced filing fee for their certification paperwork with the state. The program director was unavailable for comment when we called, but we are being told that the agency which handles the filing of medical marijuana patient records and issuance of the “hard card” known as the MMP has changed its mind with regards to recognizing patients who receive social security disability as eligible participants in the reduced fee structure for their filing fee.

The state of Michigan which just last year alone grossed over $10 Million from patients and caregivers registered in the program is looking to cash in on the disabled patient population.

Mary-Ann of Farmington believes this was a move to further discriminate against poor patients in the program. “People who receive disability are receiving money from the government to help them survive. The state of Michigan should be helping them too, not trying to hurt them even more than they are already.”

It’s like asking someone who is disabled to pay more fore a handicap sticker.

The move by the program’s officials came without warning to those who believed they were still eligible for the $25 reduced filing fee which is normally $100. No memo was sent to patients who elected to have the reduced fee the previous years, and no information was posted on the state program’s website at

No one at the state level wants to comment on the change and the state has already started issuing denial letters to applicants who used the application prior to June 1st and only sent $25.00

Thomas M.J. Lavigne with Cannabis Counsel plans on speaking with patients affected by this predatory move to see if the state was at fault.

For now, patients and caregivers registered in the program will have to wait and see what happens. In the meantime, we will continue to keep a watchful eye on the state’s medical marijuana program which now bolsters almost 20 employees from what started with just a few brave souls.

Updated applications can be found on the state’s website here:

Information regarding the updated reduced fee user eligibility can be found here:

A special thanks goes out to Rick Thompson of THEWEEDBLOG for his contributions in bringing light to this evil move by the director of the MMP. Rick, you were the only other reporter out there we found spreading this knowledge to the people.


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